Absolut® Elyx - Case Study

When Absolut launched Elyx, a luxury vodka, Lake Displays was called on to create bottle service concepts that uniquely capture the heritage and uniqueness of the brand.  They asked that we utilize copper in the design to reflect the copper stills used in the production of Elyx vodka.


The Lake Displays Process for Absolut® Elyx

  • Step 1: Design/Estimate

    Premier Bottle Service Objective – Create a bottle service vessel using objects that symbolize wealth and prosperity. Material requests – Gold/Copper finish, LED Lit, Rechargeable battery.

  • Step 2: Prototype

    The brand chose to sample 4 of our designs, starting with a copper plated Polyresin Cobra. Sculpted with clay and a wire core, the design is transformed into a soft rubber mold to create the prototype.

  • Step 3: Production

    Lake Displays delivered a museum quality bottle service vessel. Materials - Resin molded with a polished copper plated finish.

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