Belvedere - Case Study

For this project, an Agency came to us for help in creating a high impact interactive product display to be showcased in key accounts across the country.

We delivered!

The Lake Displays Process for Belvedere

  • Step 1: Design/Estimate

    In this case study, we were given detailed direction to create a cross promotion display for Belvedere Vodka, and the launch of the most recent Bond film.

  • Step 2: Prototype

    Engineering drawings of the complex angles of this display were achieved in SolidWorks, and we built the sample unit in less than 3 weeks.

  • Step 3: Production

    The production run of 50 units featured – 28” LCD Screen continuously looping the cross promotion commercial. Contrasting Matte/Gloss Black screen printed MDF/Melamine. 3 Illuminated product shelves.

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