Jägermeister - Case Study

Lake Displays was asked to design and engineer a Halloween display for Jägermeister.

The original idea of a clear acrylic ball evolved into a glass crystal ball with a motion activated LED flashing skull.

The Lake Displays Process for Jägermeister

  • Step 1: Design/Estimate

    Our team was tasked with creating a Halloween promotion that would fit into the space of an existing pedestal. Designs of various color combinations and base styles were submitted to the customer.

  • Step 2: Prototype

    The Initial prototype was sculpted in Clay, then molded in Resin, and hand painted. The customer asked to change the skull color from green to white, and to reduce the overall height of the base. We produced a total of three different prototypes.

  • Step 3: Production

    Lake Displays utilized multiple factories for the various components - Glass globe, electronics, and polyresin base/skull were sourced from different factories. We were able to hold the budget, while using materials that exceeded our customers expectations.

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