Juul - Case Study

Juul wanted a custom designed display and sales case to launch their products through out the US market.

Lake Displays delivered.

The Lake Displays Process for Juul

  • Step 1: Design/Estimate

    Table Top Product Display Objective - create a display case that features the brand, educates the consumer and increases visibility for the Juul brand, Incorpotated video screen, injection molded header, base and shelves, facbricated clear acrylic case.

  • Step 2: Prototype

    Prototyped the first version, then proceed to tool the injection molded parts. We were later asked to add locking capability so added clear clasp and lock for produciton.

  • Step 3: Production

    Produced 10000 displays for the product launch. We were able to program and preload the SD memory with the advertising video.

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